PGF Cefarm Krakow: fair for pharmacists

On 1 February a subsidiary of Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna (PGF), PGF Cefarm Krakow, is to hold a pharmaceutical fair for current and potential partners, chiefly owners of open pharmacies. It will be the first such event held by PGF.
In addition to the opportunity for direct contact with nearly 80 drug manufacturers, pharmacists will have a chance to meet other firms indirectly connected with the pharmaceutical industry, such as banks, insurance companies, providers of alarm systems, document recycling firms, etc. Participants will be also able to take part in a training session and attend lectures on applying for EU funds and current trends on the pharmacy market.
PGF has sent out almost 2,000 invitations to pharmacies from the Malopolskie, Slaskie and Podkarpackie voivodships.
Organising such trade fairs for pharmacists is becoming more and more popular among drug wholesalers in Poland as a way of providing a marketing advantage and increasing their own sales. Prosper has already held two of its Forum Medicamentum fairs, last year in March and October. The March edition, during which some 14,000 orders were placed, attracted over 3,500 pharmacists representing nearly 1,700 pharmacies. Apofarm Group, a group of Polish pharmaceutical wholesalers, held its first trade fair, directed at the pharmacists who are the shareholders and customers of the Apofarm group, in September 2006. Pharmacists could obtain 20-30% discounts directly from drug manufacturers.