Drug reimbursement up 5% y-o-y in January-April 2018

The National Health Fund (NFZ) spent PLN 4.00bn (€939m) on drug reimbursement in the first four months of 2018, according to official figures. This marks an increase of 5% compared with the corresponding period of 2017. The amount represents 32% of the NFZ’s estimated reimbursement spend in 2018 as a whole, which is now projected at PLN 12.4bn (€2.9bn).

Of the total amount spent in January-April 2018, NFZ expenditure on the reimbursement of Rx products available in the pharmacy channel – medicines, foods for particular nutritional uses, and medical devices – totalled PLN 2.9bn (€668m) and was 4% higher than in the first four months of 2017. The figure represents 34% of the annual plan, which is PLN 8.4bn (€2.0bn).

Reimbursement of hospital drugs via drug programmes reached PLN 953m (€223m), up 6% year on year. The amount represents 29% of the full-year plan, which is PLN 3.3bn (€771m).

Reimbursement of chemotherapy drugs totalled just under PLN 204m (€48m) in January-April 2018, up 7% y-o-y. The amount represents 30% of the annual plan (PLN 687m or €160m).

NFZ spending on drug reimbursement (PLN m), change (%, y-o-y) and its share (%) in planned annual budget (PLN m), January-April 2018
* including PLN 8m reserve
PMR based on NFZ, 2018
Specification Jan-Apr 2017 Jan-Apr 2018 Change Planned budget for 2018 Spending in Jan-Apr 2018 as a percentage of planned budget
Medicines, foods for particular nutritional uses and medical devices available upon prescription in the pharmacy channel 2,737.6 2,856.9 4.4% 8,382.7 34.1%
Reimbursement via drug programmes 896.8 952.6 6.2% 3,302.6 28.8%
Chemotherapy drugs 189.6 203.8 7.5% 687.1 29.7%
Other 6.8 8.1 19.3% 34.3 23.5%
Total 3,830.9 4,021.4 5.0% 12,414.8 32.4%