6.2% reduction in profit for Ropharma in H1 2013

Ropharma Brasov, a Romanian pharmaceutical distributor, reported sales revenues of RON 206.3m (€47m) between January and June 2013, almost the same as those of the corresponding period of last year. The company also reported a 6.2% year-on-year reduction in profit, to RON 3m (€0.7m). During the first six months of 2013, the company focused on sales to its own pharmacies because of the difficult conditions on the pharmaceutical market. Sales of Ropharma’s own products increased by 12.5% during the period in question, to RON 6.5m (€1.5m).

Ropharma distributes pharmaceutical products to 1,200 clients (pharmacies). At present, the Ropharma pharmacy chain (also called “Ropharma”) consists of 116 units. The company also has five warehouses and two manufacturing units (factories) in Targu Mures (Romania) and in Chisinau (in the Republic of Moldova). According to company data, Ropharma was ranked in ninth place in the hierarchy of the largest pharmaceutical distributors and fifth in the hierarchy of pharmacy chains during the period in question.