Public and non-public hospitals in Central Europe

The number of hospitals in a country is highly dependent on the country’s geographical area: of the analysed countries, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic have the least number of hospitals (both public and non-public). Poland is the country with the highest number of both public and non-public hospitals.

The development of the private hospital market has taken different forms in the various countries. In Poland and Romania, the market is well developed. As such, private hospitals operate in each country. Many of the facilities are small, however, and have fewer than 100 beds. Conversely, Slovakia has private hospitals, some of which are relatively large. Large private facilities also appear in Bulgaria, whereas in Hungary most private hospitals are small. In the Czech Republic, some of the large public hospitals have undergone a transformation process and are operated by private operators.

The share of non-public facilities as a proportion of the total number of hospitals in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia fluctuates between 36% and 37%. There are many investments in new private hospitals in Bulgaria and Romania, and private hospitals account for 27% and 23% of all hospitals. In Hungary, they account for 7%. Hungary is the most stagnant market in terms of the planned establishment of private hospitals. 

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