International trade of medical devices in Central Europe

Per Eurostat's definition (see below), medical equipment is the most exported medical commodity from selected Central Europe (CE) countries. Medical equipment in this category includes USGs, EEGs, dental drill motors, ophthalmic instruments, etc. Products such as dentists’ chairs, hospital furniture and other medical, surgical and dental furniture are the second most important group of commodities exported from selected countries.

As with exports, the bulk of medical commodities imported to Central European countries are accounted for by medical equipment products, which are followed by orthopaedic/prosthetic goods in terms of value and by therapy apparatus in terms of quantity. Orthopaedic/prosthetic goods consist of artificial joints, bone plates, dental fittings, pacemakers, etc. Therapy apparatus includes mechanotherapy appliances, massage apparatus, and therapeutic respiration apparatus.

Among the selected CE countries, Poland has the highest levels of both exports and imports of medical devices. Poland outpaces equivalent values seen in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Within the category of medical commodities, most of Poland’s international trade is accounted for by medical equipment. Despite being the Central European country with the lowest levels of medical commodity exports and imports (both in terms of value and quantity), Bulgaria is the only country with stable international trade growth in this area, especially in terms of value. 

Medical equipment: instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scintigraphic apparatus, other electro-medical apparatus and sight-testing instruments, n.e.s.
Orthopaedic/prosthetic goods: orthopaedic appliances, including crutches, surgical belts and trusses; splints and other fracture appliances; artificial parts of the body; hearing aids and other appliances that are worn or carried, or implanted in the body, to compensate for a defect or disability.
X-ray apparatus: apparatus based on the use of x-rays or of alpha, beta or gamma radiations, whether or not for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses, including radiography or radiotherapy apparatus, x-ray tubes and other x-ray generators, high tension generators, control panels and desks, screens, examination or treatment tables, chairs and the like.
Medical furniture: medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furniture, e.g., operating tables, examination tables, hospital beds with mechanical fittings and dentists' chairs; barbers' chairs and similar chairs having rotating as well as both reclining and elevating movement; parts thereof.
Therapy apparatus: mechanotherapy appliances; massage apparatus; psychological aptitude-testing apparatus; ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, artificial respiration or other therapeutic respiration apparatus.

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