Czech MPs approve higher budget payments for health insurance premiums

The Czech parliament passed legislative amendments aimed at increasing public health insurance contributions paid for state-insured persons from the state budget through 2020, Czech broadcaster CT24 reported on its website.

From 2018, the state will increase the premiums by CZK 49 (€2) from the current level of CZK 920 (€35) per person per month. In 2019 and 2020, the premiums will increase to CZK 1,018 (€39) and CZK 1,067 (€41).

The parliament also approved legislative amendments that will reduce co-payments on drugs for children and pensioners. In case of children and pensioners aged 65 years and over, the co-payments will be lowered from CZK 2,500 (€96) per year to CZK 1,000 (€38), while pensioners older than 70 years of age will pay up to CZK 500 (€19) per year in drug co-payments, with payments exceeding the threshold to be paid back to them by public health insurance providers.

The MPs also approved legislative amendments widening the range of fully reimbursed pneumococcal vaccines available to seniors, as well as the reimbursement of papillomavirus vaccination for boys.