Changes to oncology reform package will come into force on 1 July

The Sejm on 9 March approved a Senate amendment to the legislation improving the oncology reform package of 2015 and the law will come into effect on 1 July 2017.

The law significantly streamlines the DiLO card (“green card”) – to just two pages from nine – by reducing the amount of information that has to be included in it. The card will be issued in electronic form only. It also authorises specialist doctors to issue DiLO cards to patients upon suspicion of cancer, and not only after the diagnosis is confirmed. And it abolishes the minimum cancer recognition rate for GPs who issue DiLO cards.

The law also stipulates that healthcare entities have to appoint cancer treatment coordinators responsible for informing patients about the treatment process and for collaboration with other providers as part of a coordinated care model.

The oncology reform package abolished funding limits for cancer diagnosis and treatment and created separate, shorter waiting lists for cancer patients only.